Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc. (LSPI) is the global leader in the science of drag reduction. LSPI specializes in maximizing the flow potential of pipelines, increasing operational flexibility and throughput capacity and substantially increasing bottom-line profit potentials.

Why choose LiquidPower™ Flow Improvers?

Outstanding Performance

  • Flow improver solutions for crude, refined products and non-potable water pipeline operations
  • High achievable drag reduction -- more than 80% depending on pipeline, crude or product types
  • Products designed to work in different environments, terrains, pipelines and oil conditions, including specially formulated products for heavier crude types and arctic conditions

Superior Customer Service

  • Global customer support
  • Superior level of assistance for companies -- logistics, transportation, technical field services

Innovative Research & Technology

  • Inventor of the first commercial drag reducer and custodian of the leading DRA patents
  • LSPI teams work directly with customers to help solve pipeline problems
  • Develop and tailor products specific for customer needs


Engineering Know-How

    • Customer-oriented equipment solutions specific to the conditions of the pipelines and the properties of the fluid being transported
    • Hydraulics expertise
    • Simulation modeling
    • Pipeline optimization

Exceptional Quality

  • ISO 9001:2000 registered
  • Continuous improvement in quality system 

ExtremePower® Flow Improvers are proven to increase deliveries of produced heavy crude oil to market. Optimum performance of ExtremePower® Flow Improver is achieved in pipelines where the heavy oil is flowing in turbulent or transition flow.

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